The face behind

We are Eveline Aardoom and Steven Pollema and together we are the driving force behind

Eveline has been active as an aesthetician and skin specialist since 2007. At the end of 2019 she started a new salon in Dordrecht, where she made the switch to completely natural and organic products. Steven has been active behind the scenes throughout his working life, as an audio designer and engineer. At however, he is responsible for all design, marketing and operational activities.

After setting up her current salon, Eveline's wish soon arose to set up a webshop. In the first place to provide clients with the convenience of viewing and ordering products online, but the desire to launch a broader platform soon grew. All this ultimately resulted in this online store with accompanying blog. Our spot on the internet, where we want to offer a curated product selection in the field of organic cosmetics, care and wellness. All products we offer are chosen with great care and passion.


The internet is flooded with a bizarre amount of cosmetic products. Certainly also in the field of organic cosmetics, because 'green' appears to be the new 'gold' for large commercial enterprises. With our website are trying to make a difference.We would like to minimise the overlap in product range. This keeps the overview for you as a consumer.We also think it is important to show that natural and organic cosmetics have risen above the tree-hugging image it always had.


In the current digital climate you can buy almost everything online, without fuss, without shipping costs and above all ... without soul, without contact and without the right advice.The personal aspect is increasingly disappearing when it comes to shopping. However, for us, advice regarding our products is the number one priority. No skin is the same and not even your own skin feels the same every day .. Literally.So do not hesitate to contact us via, or via the chat function on the site for tailor-made advice.

A view on the future

But of course it doesn't end there. Just like nature, we are constantly developing and looking for new inspiration and innovative products that stimulate our senWe are always on the lookout for additions to the product range. We never forget our core values; being careful with ourselves and our planet.

We hope you are as enthusiastic about our shop as we are and we hope to welcome you as a customer. Online, face-2-face, but either way .. Always personal!

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    Wij zijn trots op jullie ,zeer professioneel

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